Elysian Fields

by Sleepless

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released September 11, 2015



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Sleepless Székesfehérvár, Hungary

Hungarian deathcore band.

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Track Name: Between Two Worlds...
Walk with me in this wasteland of sorrow - I will tell you a bitter story, sit down silently and listen to me. Forget the gods and forget the leaders. I need only you and your open mind. I'll teach you to hold your head high. We'll tear down the walls and build a new world for you. A new man awakes tomorrow.
Track Name: ...I am Alone
This is the place where I was born, surrounded by mountains where time has stopped.
The hands of clock will turn no more. The cliffs became the walls. Separated from evolution
in the middle of the future: this is our reality, where the world’s inverted. We will always pay the double price, working day in and day out. Get nothing in exchange for time, there’s no respect for doing what they expect from you. You give all yet still get nothing. Day by day we move nowhere…
nice and slowly they take everything away. I know all these streets, every place in this city. I know the people who live here, they are my friends and we don’t deserve this fate. All my world will crumble, I’m the only one left and I will forget your face. I will forget the times we used to have here
when we still believed in them. The nation’s devoured like the corpse by maggots. I look around and see sorrow and pain. My tears soak my face, all the angels have left me.
Track Name: Separator
Just open your mouth. Let us feel your rotting breath. It’s time to set free everything bad that’s living in you. Your soul plagued by the brain. You’re all the same archetype: trying to make us believe you stand for something else, but in the end…you just separate us. Marching to death we lambs of god.
Take out the knife and cut us up, don’t make this job fucking undone. We pay the price of our misplaced trust. Here lie the people and here lies our faith covered up by their blood. We are here to see you perform, your greatest story’s untold. Speak down to us from your altar - we‘re dying to hear you…Temples rising above cities, fortunes hoarded on your gold stairs. Praise the god so you’ll be favoured - this is their life now. They need His guide, His protection - you must not take this away.
They need His guide, His protection, and I will carry this weight.
Track Name: MIA
Digging through memories in your empty room. You’ve been gone for so long – I can’t remember…
I run my fingers along your stuff - everything shows me a different memory. Lying on the grass and watching our star, my greatest fear is that you’re now one of them. This war took you far away,
away from your home and loved ones. When will it be when I will see you again? When the volley shots pierce my ears. When the flag will cover your fuckin’ coffin. This senseless massacre is not your fight. Come home to me. I’m praying to see you on the doorstep. Please just hear my voice.
But now something has changed, I hear footsteps on the stairs, and a sudden knock on the door.
This is the time when I see you again.
Track Name: Our Sun Has Set
This is a funeral where we leave not only her but all of our memories as well. She’s gone for good and it’s just our fault. We’ve had so much time to make things better, yet here she lies, deprived from all her possessions. Will there be a future for us? This mistake can only be done once. The lands are scorched, the oceans turning black, and we are just standing and breathing in toxic...as we bury our dead we see that this is not our home anymore. I will leave this place as she did and I’m never looking back… This future is the one we crave. Take us to the Elysian Fields. As the oceans are turning black, I leave this place behind. We will bury the memories as well, our home is gone with the past.
Track Name: Elysian Fields
- instrumental -
Track Name: Withdrawal Symptoms
Wake up in the morning, my head explodes. Looking for you as for memories of yesterday. Empty bottles on the floor, but who is this whore? This pain in my stomach wants to get out, the acid is burning my throat. The days became months, every day is the same since you’ve been gone. You were my soul mate, you were my everything, I gave you all I had yet you still threw me away, bitch.
I’ve got my pals with me, striding in the city in the night. I feel I’m the king of the world, nothing can touch me but as soon as I see you somewhere…My hearth breaks into pieces and my hands will start shaking. I will never forget you as long as I see you breathing. The best would be if I took your life. Cut you up, I will take a fuckin’ knife and cut you up. Dead girls can’t say no, you will be mine forever…but as I drink my last shot and the cycle starts again, you still don’t wake up next to me.
I’m dreaming with you, crying for you, looking for you. You still don’t wake up next to me.
Track Name: Black Walls
Pick yourself up, this is the last sunset we see. There is no salvation, but only pain.
I can't even remember what it's like to live free...I will be remembered but not buried.
My footsteps will show the way to my damnation. This is all we have: black walls. Painted with our blood. This is what will remain after we are gone forever...As the guns raise and we hold our breath look at me for one last time. For one last fuckin' time...before everything comes to an end. So pull the trigger, I watch my life in slow motion and the bullet ensures that this is the end.
Track Name: Sleep Insane
I wish I could say I'm perfectly normal but something is really fucked up with me.
Is this really a right time to share this? Eyes moving, fast asleep, wide open yet still blind.
How could I perceive the night if I am not even awake? Every day when the darkness falls, it also falls on my mind. Shapes, sounds, faces drifting in reality - or it seems so...
I just lie there waiting and trembling. It all started so long ago, they never reached me before.
Just moving around...but what will happen if they do? A hand touches my arms, firmly grab me - this ain't no dream, it never was. Faces screaming at me, fists crashing my body...or is it just me contorting under pressure? It's been six weeks now and I am not even mad. These cuffs are comfy enough. And the walls, they are beautiful. Shadows are not playing with me anymore. Everything is silent now.
Track Name: Glass Bones
Long time ago we’ve climbed the hill, it got into our heads. But if I see this triangle I see that we’re the lowest form of life: we kill for pleasure, we kill for gain, always striking the weak who can’t fight back. Shaking and crying; bleeding in your hands. You’re making them suffer as life made you. Crying and crawling on the floor, trashed up like an animal. You grew up in fear and pain. Humanity is dead in you. Empathy’s never in your eyes, I only see your grin of madness as you hear their cry for help -
this is your joy, this is your sickness. To torture them. Killer. You’re only one.

Animal cruelty can be either deliberate abuse or simply the failure to take care of an animal. Either way, and whether the animal is a pet, a farm animal, or wildlife, the victim can suffer terribly. Don’t despair, though—anyone can take steps against cruelty.
Species on the brink of extinction, yet they skin is more than their life. Our numbers grow as they decay to fill the pockets, to be on walls. There should be no place for you in this goddamn society.
The glass bones break as we take them for granted. We are the true disease of this world.